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Be Quiet! Quietly taking over the US market for power supplies, CPU Coolers, computer cases, and case fans

Be quiet!

One of the best things about PCs is that they are modular which means that you can upgrade different components and improve the overall performance of your machine. 

When it comes to computer parts, we have some pretty big players in the US Market such as Asus, NZXT, EVGA, and Corsair but now a new company is entering the US market to challenge the domination of these big players.

Be Quiet!,  a popular German computer-parts company, is finally coming to the US after dominating the European computer-parts market. 

The company has been around for over 2 decades and it’s known for its reliable and high-quality computer parts. If you are reading about be Quiet! For the first time and want to know more about the company and its products, keep reading because we will tell you everything you need to know about be Quiet! In 2022. Let’s get started.

What is BeQuiet?

be quiet! is a popular German company that is known for its reliable PC Cases, power supplies, cooling fans, and other computer accessories. The company has been around for over 2 decades and they have a pretty strong presence in the European Region.

However, the company is now expanding its presence to the US and it’s coming to the US market with its top-of-the-line computer parts and accessories.

Is Be Quiet! Reliable?

German companies are known for their reliability and be Quiet! is no exception here. The company has been around for more than 20 years and in the last 2 decades, it has become quite popular in the European Computer-parts market where it directly competes with the likes of Corsair and NZXT.

We have also reviewed the Be Quiet! Computer parts especially their PC Cases and fans and found them pretty sturdy, durable, and reliable.

The company has also recently launched its new FX Lineup, which comes with improved performance and some unique features which we will discuss later in the article.

Overall, Be Quiet! Products are pretty reliable and they are as good as computer parts from any other brands in the US.

Which computer parts and accessories are available by Be Quiet! In the US?

Be Quiet! Is entering the US market with full force and all of its products will be available to US users. These are some of the computer parts and accessories available by Be Quiet! In the US.

  1. Power Supplies
  2. PC Cases
  3. Water Coolers (both water and air coolers)
  4. PC Fans
  5. Power Cables
  6. M.2 SSD Cooler
  7. Thermal Grease
  8. Windows Side Panel
  9. Airflow Front Panel
  10. HDD Accessories

Bequiet feature photo

What is Be Quiet! FX World?

FX World Lineup is the latest product lineup by the company which comes with improved features and ARGB Lighting which is surely a treat for PC users who like more control over their PC’s RGB Lighting.

So, before we discuss further the FX lineup, let us quickly tell you about ARGB lighting.

ARGB is an abbreviation of “Addressable RGB” and it’s a type of RGB lighting that gives users control over individual LED levels.

The products in Be Quiet! FX World lineup comes with this awesome feature which means that you can control the various aspects of the RGB lighting including the color spectrum, breathe, and also sync the lighting with the sound.

In the FX World lineup, Be Quiet! currently offers these 3 new products

  1. Pure Basse 500 FX
  2. Pure Loop 2 FX
  3. Pure Rock 2 FX

Pure Base 500 FX

Let’s start with Pure Base 500 FX which is one of the prominent products in the Be Quiet! FX Lineup. It’s a high-quality PC Case that you can use for your PC. One of the defining features of Pure Base 500 FX is that its design offers the Max Airflow and it comes with four fans which makes sure all the components in the Case don’t overheat.

The fans in this PC case are not ordinary fans, instead, they are PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) fans which means that you get the option to control the speed and you can make them quiet if you don’t like noisy fans.

Similarly, you can also bump them to their max power during your gaming sessions so that all the components get max airflow and stay cool. Also, the case comes with mesh on the front and top which makes sure that all the fans on the case easily intake max air without any obstacles.

Like other products on FX Lineup, Pure Base 500 FX also comes with ARGB Lighting which gives you complete control over the RGB lighting and you can customize the RGB according to your taste.

The company has also included an ARGB-PWM-Hub which makes sure that all the RGB Components stay in sync with each other. This dedicated hub allows you to synchronize up to 6 ARGB Components fans and also control the speed of the fans.

If we look at the form factor, Pure Base 500 FX is pretty compact but it’s spacious enough to handle all the components. The case is compatible with ATX, M-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. In terms of numbers, the case size is 450 x 232x 463 mm without stands.

In terms of ports, Pure Base 500 FX comes with 1 x USB 3.2 Gen. 1 Port and 1 USB 3.2 Gen.2 Type C Port. It also comes with Audio I/O for Mic and Audio. In this case, there are 7 expansion slots and 6 fan mounting locations.

Overall, Pure Base 500 FX is a pretty spacious and high-quality PC Case with ARGB Lighting which can be a solid option for your PC.

Pure base 500 fx

Pure Loop 2 FX

Pure Loop 2 FX is another very popular product from Be Quiet! FX Lineup. It’s an All-in-one water-cooling unit that is responsible for cooling the major components of your PC System.

The company offers the 3 different variants of Pure Loop 2 FX which you can pick according to your requirements.

  1. 360 mm- This variant of Pure Loop 2 FX comes with 3 powerful 120 mm fans which are ideal for powerful Systems.
  2. 280 mm – This Variant comes with 2 x 140 mm high-speed fans.
  3. 240 mm – This variant is the basic variant that comes with 2 x 120mm high-speed fans.

Be Quiet! Offers 3 variants of Pure Loop 2 FX but the quality of the product is the same across all variants. Pure Loop 2 FX comes with PWM Fans which means that you can easily adjust their speed and get the option to increase or decrease the speed of the fans according to your requirements.

On top of that, you also get the doubly decoupled PWM Pump which makes sure that your fans don’t make a lot of noise and that there’s minimum vibration.

Another great thing about Pure Loop 2 FX is that it comes with a refill port and a free coolant bottle which makes it easier for users to add coolant to the fan to increase its lifespan.

Bequiet! Pure loop 2 fx

Like other FX Products, Pure Loop 2 FX also comes with ARGB Lighting which you can easily control and customize directly from your System.

The company also offers a 3-year warranty which is one of the longest warranty periods in the industry and if you buy Pure Loop 2 FX, you can be sure that if anything happens to the cooling unit, Be Quiet! Will be there to support you.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality and powerful all-in-one cooling unit with ARGB lighting, Pure Loop 2 FX is a solid option for you.

Pure Rock 2 FX

Pure Rock 2 FX is the third product in the Be Quiet! FX Lineup and it’s a high-speed Fan that will make sure that your system has the max airflow.

In Pure Rock 2 FX, you get the 120 mm PWM High-speed fan with 150W TDP Cooling efficiency. The company has optimized the fan blades for maximum airflow and it also makes very low noise.

The fan also comes with a dedicated heat sink on the lower side and it’s connected to the fan with 4 high-performance 6mm heat pipes. The company has also used HDT Technology in the fan for efficient performance.

Bequiet! Pure rock 2 fx

Like Pure Loop 2 FX, Pure Rock 2 FX also comes with 3 years of warranty which means that if anything goes wrong with the product within 3 years, you can contact the company and it will help you.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-speed fan with ARGB Lighting and a dedicated heat sink, Pure Rock 2 FX is a great option for you.

Does Be Quiet! Offer Power Supply? 

Yes, Be Quiet! also has a wide range of power supplies that you can consider for your PC. The company offers over 6 different types of Power Supplies which you can consider depending on factors such as compactness, power, and performance.

If you are looking for a high-end and powerful power supply, you can consider Dark Power 12 lineup by Be Quiet which is a top-of-the-line power supply lineup by the company. In this lineup, you get a total of 5 variants that come with a power range between 1500W and 750W.

If you are not sure about the power supply you want for your system, you can use the PSU calculator where you can provide details about the other components and it will calculate the right wattage of the power supply.

If we look at the features of Dark Power 12 Lineup, it comes with 80 PLUS Titanium certification which means that the product is at least 80% power efficient.

However, according to Be Quiet!, the power supplies in Dark Power 12 Lineup are 95.9% power efficient. Also, these power supplies meet the Energy Star 7.0 guidelines and fulfill ErP guidelines.

Bequiet! Dark power 12

If you think that Dark Power 12 Lineup is too powerful for your requirements, you can also consider other power supply lineups such as the followings.

  1. Straight Power 11 – It’s another very powerful power supply lineup that supports a power range between 1200W and 450W.
  2. Pure Power 11 – This lineup offers the best features of both worlds and you get powerful features at a reasonable price. The power supplies in this lineup have a power range between 1000W and 300W.
  3. System power 9 – It’s a budget power supply lineup that is designed for PCs with power demand between 700W and 400W.
  4. SFX Power – It’s a compact power supply lineup and the power supplies in this lineup support the power range between 600W and 300W.
  5. TFX Power 3 – It’s the basic power supply lineup by the company which features power supplies with bronze and gold power efficiency.

Does Be Quiet! Have Thermal Paste?

Yes, Be Quiet! has thermal paste (also known as thermal grease) which you can use to take your system’s heat transfer performance to the next level. Here’s the formulation of Be Quiet! Thermal paste

  • Metal oxide compounds = 60%
  • Zinc oxide compounds = 30%
  • Silicone compounds = 10%

Where are BeQuiet products made?

Be Quiet! Is a German company and all products are designed at the company’s headquarters near Hamburg, Germany. The company manufactures its products in different factories in Asia.

However, all the products come to the company’s headquarters or warehouses in Germany for quality control.

Which power supply is best for PC?

It mainly depends on the requirements of your PC. If you are not sure about the power requirement of your PC, you can use this PSU Calculator where you will need to provide information about your CPU, GPU, and other system components and the calculator will calculate the right wattage based on your system.

Generally, these are the top power supplies for PC in 2022.

Bottom Line

Be Quiet! Is a well-known German brand which is known for its reliable computer components and it’s finally coming to the US Market with its awesome products. In this guide, we gave you a brief overview of the company’s history and products which will give you an idea about the quality and reliability of the Be Quiet! Products.

If you want to learn more about Be Quiet! Products, please let us know in the comments and we will come up with detailed reviews and guides for you. Also, don’t forget to visit our NerdyApeGaming Store where you will find gaming products at great discounts. Avail now!

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