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CyberPowerPC’s 2022 Revolutionary New Air Circulation Design


You’d probably get a lot of different answers if you asked people what component is the most important part of a PC. But most of those answers probably wouldn’t be “fans” or “cooling systems”. The reality is that without a proper air circulation system, the heat in your PC could build up and cause serious damage. That expensive CPU? Fried. That top-of-the-line graphics card? Overheated. It’s a good thing CyberPowerPC has our back.

Cooling plays an integral role in your PC by ensuring everything stays at the proper temperatures. This allows for your components to operate at peak efficiency, and even introduces the potential to overclock certain parts. CyberPowerPC’s new design announcement shows that the company understands the importance too.

The Kinetic Series Intelligent Airflow System

The company’s upcoming CyberPowerPC Kinetic Series Gaming Series highlights the need for cooling perfectly. Rather than going with basic vents, the Kinetic case uses an algorithm to close and open its valves in an “intelligent airflow” system.

The CyberPowerPC Kinetic has 18 individually controlled articulating vents that automatically opens and closes depending on the case temperature. When things start getting too hot, the chassis detects it and adjusts the vents to boost airflow, allowing things to cool down.

The automatic sensing and adjustment of the Kinetic Series not only provides an excellent cooling option but also helps with dust management. Conventional cooling methods range from liquid cooling to regular air circulation. Unfortunately, both methods are heavily dependent on open and continuously running fans. This means dust, hair, and whatever else is easily built up over time. The Kinetic Series directly combats this by ensuring vents and valves are only open when needed.

Stylish and functional

The chassis provides an intuitive design that’s not only functional but stylish as well. The design team stated that they drew inspiration from architecture buildings that adjust and change similarly. The entire design is quite aesthetically pleasing and almost alien in design. When the valves open and close, the entire front design of the case changes. This creates a dramatic effect that enhances the case visually and even allows you to see inside when fully open.

Instead of adding extra airflow, CyberPowerPC created a chassis that dynamically adjusts airflow depending on the situation. When users run programs and software that are more demanding on the GPU and CPU, such as high-resolution gaming or video editing, the chassis will open up more vents and adjust based on the performance and heat generation of the PC.

The automated sensing system is something new not seen in standard computer builds before. As heat builds up inside the computer, sensors instruct the vents to close (contract), allowing more air into the case. When the temperature of the computer is low, the vents close to reducing airflow, noise, and dust buildup. The sensors take readings every 5 seconds, which means they are in tune with the minor temperature changes in the case. This ensures power efficiency and could even add to the longevity of a PC by keeping the interior cleaner.

Additionally, the CyberPowerPC Kinetic Series will allow users to customize and adjust the temperature settings with their own preferences. This ensures customers can fine-tune the system to their own needs and specifications. Users will also be able to use quick buttons to open and close all of the vents at once.

The Company Behind the Concept

Gaming PCs need to meet the continuously increasing requirements that game demand. These PCs must ensure that users have the best possible experience with zero-lag multiplayer matches, high-resolution graphics, smooth performance, and excellent sound quality. CyberPowerPC is well aware of this and ensures their designs always live up to the task.

CyberPowerPC is a global pioneer in custom gaming PCs that ticks all the boxes. By focusing entirely on high-performance gaming PCs, they have earned an excellent reputation in the gaming and esports communities. Choosing a CyberPowerPC gaming desktop gives you all of the benefits of a custom gaming rig in a package that’s been expertly manufactured and intended to deliver the best PC gaming performance straight out of the box.

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