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2. 36″ Maximum Fan Diameter – 579 gal/min Maximum Airflow – 2500 rpm – 39. 9 dB(A) Noise – Dual Ball Bearing – Socket H3 LGA-1150. Socket H4 LGA-1151. Socket H2 LGA-1155. Socket H LGA-1156. Socket LGA-1200. Socket B LGA-1366. Socket LGA 2011-v3. Socket R LGA-2011. Socket R4 LGA-2066. Socket AM4. Socket AM2 PGA-940. . . . Compatible
Processor Socket:

Mfr #: CLK360
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General Information
Manufacturer: MSI
Manufacturer Part Number: CLK360
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name: MSI
Product Name: MPG CORELIQUID K360
Product Type: Cooling Fan/Radiator/Water Block/Pump Fan Information

Number of Fans: 3Fan Bearing
Type: Dual Ball BearingFan Speed (Max): 2500 rpm
Maximum Airflow: 579 gal/min
Noise Levels: 39. 9 dB(A) Heatsink Information

Compatible Processor Socket: Socket AM2 PGA-940
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket AM2+ PGA-940
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket AM3 PGA-941
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket AM3+
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket AM4
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket B LGA-1366
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket FM1
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket FM2
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket FM2+
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket H LGA-1156
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket H2 LGA-1155
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket H3 LGA-1150
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket H4 LGA-1151
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket LGA 2011-v3
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket LGA-1200
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket R LGA-2011
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket R4 LGA-2066
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket SP3
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket sTRX4
Compatible Processor Socket: Socket TR4
Physical Characteristics
Material: Aluminum RadiatorMaximum Fan Diameter: 2. 36″Fan Diameter Details: 3 x 60mmRadiator
Height: 15. 50″Radiator
Width: 4. 70″Radiator
Depth: 1. 06″Fan
Height: 4. 70″Fan
Width: 4. 70″Fan
Depth: 0. 98″
Water Block Height: 3. 73″
Water Block Width: 3. 28″
Water Block Depth: 3. 70″
Weight (Approximate): 3. 70 lb
Package Contents:MPG CORELIQUID K3601 x 1 to 3 ARGB Splitter Cable
Limited Warranty: 5 Year CLK360 Mfr #: CLK360



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1 review for MSI MPG CORELIQUID K360

  1. Santos (verified owner)

    I am going to write a short version and then give some details for anybody who might want them.short version: Case shipped and received within 3 days. When I picked it up on my front porch I heard the sound of broken tempered glass. I contacted UPS and Amazon. UPS should not have delivered something that was obviously broken, or at least made a note as to the condition of the box and the fact that it was leaking glass shards out. Furthermore they wanted the “shipped from address” it’s not enough to have the tracking# from Amazon what is the street that the warehouse is on? Come on Amazon must be your biggest client. Shame on ups !Now my Amazon experience This is a $175.00 case when you have prime. I contacted a Amazon customer service representative. Very pleasant experience with no problems. I advise the agent that I had taken the box from the porch and heard the broken glass. I also explained that I had not opened the box but I knew what was going on inside. It was like handling a cardboard box filled with P gravel. I told her that I could take pictures and send it to her proving therefore that the damage had occurred prior to me opening the box. The box showed very little damage some broken tape and not perfectly fitting cardboard panel on the bottom. The courteous customer service representative confirmed the shipping address and then advise me that a brand new replacement would be shipped to me no charge within five days. She also advised me that if it was necessary she would include a link to receive the pictures in an email confirming our disposition of the situation. Amazon’s resolution in this situation was outstanding and friction free. In the pictures I posted number five picture is the glass pouring out on my floor. I chose to open the box, in hindsight now I think it might’ve been a mistake but I was so eager to start building I could not resist. If you receive one of these boxes and it sounds like P gravel inside I would highly recommend that you take it to a surface that’s clean and smooth and can easily be cleaned of microscopic glass particles. In theory tempered glass is like the side window in an automobile it will break into tiny cubes but not shards that are sharp and able to pierce or cut skin. This in fact was not the case with the glass that poured out of my box it had been rattling around so long that the cubes had fractured into millions of tiny spikes shards and cubes. I made the mistake of opening it in my room on a hardwood floor. All parts of the box the foam padding the computer case were covered with these skin piercing needle like shards. This created a four hour cleanup project I took everything outside. I removed the front I O the fans and the wiring. I washed the entire case box and foam pads with hot soapy water and rinsed it well careful to remove all the class particles.So here’s where the build starts since it was partially apart I went ahead and removed the other glass panels the plastic panels and the feet where it sits. I had seen a picture I believe posted in an Amazon review that had a blue color that I was attracted to for this build. After finding the appropriate plastic compatible paint in the right color. I sanded all the abrasion damage from the broken glass, off of the plastic parts. I prepared them for paint and then carefully started the color change. So I’ll let that be the conclusion of the short version.The rest of the story: I had started this project a couple months ago and had spent many hours determining the right case for the right price for the project, I had in mind. With the new Ryzen 3000 processors my ultimate goal was to end up with something that performed much better than my Ryzen 7 2700X . I had purchased a new Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 wifi motherboard after determining it is one of the best power delivery X470 motherboards, and totally compatible with overclocking the new 12 or 16 core processors. I also want to let the X570 platform to mature a little before making a purchase especially trying to avoid the high release prices. So my build had plans for future upgrades within the platform. The case was going to be a keeper. I had already found a CPU cooling solution that included waterblock for a Radeon Vega 64. I came across a no other GPU that was identical for a reasonable price. I then acquired another water block for it and a 360 mm radiator to cool the twin GPU’s down. The 240 mm radiator mounted on the right side of the case is just for the CPU. The case came with three RGB 140 mm fans I use those two in the front one in the rear connected to the controller that was not compatible with the motherboard RGB system. Therefore the static color blue or the blue and some other configuration would give me what I think is the most visually pleasing appearance. The other five fans I have mounted in the case are controlled by the motherboard. So after mounting the hardware I had on hand while waiting for the replacement case I decided that maybe a little pin striping on the blue would set it off, that was a fun project and I’m pleased with the results. This was the my first custom loop with hard tubing. There was definitely a learning curve involved but all in all a rewarding choice.The case does not come with a PSU cover so I created one, and now with this experience, I would do a little different next time. The custom wiring is done from scratch to a 850 W EVGA supernova G3 again a challenging project that was rewarding in the end. I liked the case enough that if I can find a replacement glass for the one that was broken I will purchase the replacement that Amazon sent me. Because in the end the only thing I used up the second case was the one glass panel had been broken, and I built my system in the damaged case. And what those plans are ???? give me a couple months I already have a I9-9900K on a Asus ROG maximus in a Thermaltake level 20 VT and love it. So E-ATX m…………?So hears what happen I bought A 50Th anniversary Ryzen 7 2700X Lisa Sue CPU and in the Silicone Lottery I was a winner. I Updated The bios to F42a on the mobo and now with some better RAM My benchmarks went to the 99% brackets Cine-bench R15 and R20 and 3D Mark Fire Strike yes in the 99%. But it wont smash my I9-9900K an a ASUS Rog Z390 Maximums XI Gene that’s overclocked to 5.0 on all cores with a EVGA 1080 FTW GPU. So now I build ITX MINI computers

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