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TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 3600MHz 16GB (8GB x2)-Metallic Gold

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TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 3600MHz 16GB (8GB x2)-Metallic Gold



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1 review for TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 3600MHZ 8GB X 2, GOLD

  1. Jabari (verified owner)

    So I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews on the 4400Mhz version of this RAM saying that it doesn’t work at advertised speeds or clocks and I have to say, those reviews are coming form the uniformed and/or uninitiated. This RAM works perfectly at the advertised speeds and clocks IF you’ve built the proper system.The best thing you can do for yourself when purchasing ANY RAM is finding the motherboard (MB) you want to use and look at the qualified list of RAM for that MB. It’s how I found this RAM, I searched by part number from the authorized list for the MB and saw it was rated for the exact speeds.I’ve teamed this RAM with an MSI MEG X570 ACE and an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. My MB manufacturer, MSI, has multiple stages of qualified RAM. For this MB specifically it depends on the series of processor you have. I had to look for the Ryzen 5xxxx series in the qualified list.Wouldn’t you know it that when it was all installed, I boot up the system for the first time, go into BIOS, click on the XMP profile button, and it immediately sets the speed and timings to exactly as advertised. That’s all you should ever have to do for a properly configured system, 1 click for XMP and that’s it, simple. It has been running these exact settings for about 2 weeks now (not a long time, I know, but I’ll update if anything happens) and my rig is purring like a kitten.This RAM is great, but you need to know that it works in your board. I know a lot of people have bought this RAM thinking it’s essentially painting flames on the side of your car, but it won’t make it go any faster. High frequency RAM like this doesn’t play well in systems that aren’t designed for it. sure it CAN work, but the chances of it working exactly as advertised within a system that hasn’t been tested with it is slim to none, and is bound to have issues.Please, please, please do yourselves a favor and do proper research before making purchases on hardware and giving it a bad wrap because you’re incompetent. It really does a disservice to others who may want to use the product but sees a bunch of negative reviews when the product itself is fine, it’s the person that’s the problem.I should probably add that the RAM itself actually looks very nice and I love the heatsink design. The RGB lights on it work very well in my system which is all going in a rainbow pattern. With it being in its default random rainbow wave I’ve not used any of the software that can control the RAM, but there are plenty of reviews on that elsewhere.Be aware, this RAM is a bit thick due to the quality heatsinks on it, so if you’re using an X570 board and an LCS like I am, you may run into issues. I have literally about 1 or 2 mm between my inlet/outlet for my EK AIO 360 and my RAM that is right next to the CPU. Due to the way my system is configured, the layout of the board, and how you have to mount the waterblock I didn’t have much choice, but it just barely fits, YMMV but be aware.

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