About Us: Nerdy Ape Gaming

Pushing The Limits On Gaming  One Nerd At A Time

Welcome to Nerdy Ape Gaming.

Nerdy Ape Gaming is a Pc Gaming/Electronics company based out of Indiana!

Established In 2020

We are an Online Reseller, dedicated to helping our fellow gamer’s get their paws on THE TOP PC Gaming/Electronics products out there DIRECTLY From The TOP Brands, and guess what….

We have been working our A$$es off to ensure that we could do just that, so with that being said….

I’m VERY PROUD to say That NERDY APE GAMING is not only partners with the TOP DISTRIBUTORS OUT there, but also THE TOP Manufacturers As well….

but what does that mean for you???


THE BEST products, with minimal gains.

We Strive to be the GO-TO Store For Pc gaming.

We Try our hardest to out do these big box stores in both PRICE and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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WANT TO BUILD YOU A CUSTOM PC BUT DONT KNOW HOW??? NO ISSUE, GIVE US A CALL AND WE CAN GET YOU THE BEST BUILD FOR YOUR BUCK using The Parts You Buy From Our Site, OR EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR PARTS….EITHER WAY Reach out Give Us A Call At 765-767-5099!!! OR REACH OUT TO us via Chat on our site, Email ( support@nerdyapegaming.com)


About us: nerdy ape gaming


Our #1 Goal is to be able to provide the PC gaming/Gaming community with not only the TOP PRODUCTS but, if you check out our YouTube Channel, we also strive to give you top notch information, hands on game/product reviews and more.

Whether it be our Review videos, our best tips, tricks and tactics for games, the newest games or our Live Streams with the “NERDY APE GAMING STREAMERS” we hope that you find something knowledgeable, helpful, or even just funny!!!

Donation/Non-Profit Goals


We have a pretty amazing program in the works and by supporting our YouTube channel  (liking and subscribing) or even buying your gear, equipment or parts from our site, YOU are allowing us a chance to open up new doors and opportunities to be able to help out those in need, whether we team up with some other foundations or make our very OWN Not-For-Profit.

Its the ERA of E-SPORTS, but not every student can participate. That is why, after every CUSTOM BUILD we do for a customer, we offer the chance for them to donate their used PC/parts, to build a CUSTOM rig for a student who loves to GAME but whose Family cannot afford to get them their own system.

About us: nerdy ape gaming
Garrison parker
Garrison Parker
Last week my PC failed and I needed to find somebody who would make diagnosing the issue and replacing the necessary parts as easy as possible. Luckily I found Nerdy Ape Gaming and they spent so much time to help me pick new parts and narrow down the issue. On top of that, they were able to order the part, get it installed, and get it back to me within a few days after dropping it off with them. I was honestly surprised with the turn-around and how they would take time out of their day to pick parts, help with questions, and have casual conversations which made me trust their quality and judgement. I also really appreciated the transparency with the terms & conditions they sent over + the tracking info for the part they ordered. If I need future upgrades or builds I will definitely go to Nerdy Apes first and I'd recommend the same for others! (Disregard the RGB colors, I still need to change it haha)
They are very helpful when you have if at all
Alessio manco
Alessio Manco
Chris whitney
Chris Whitney
he went out of his way to help me, even messaging him at late hours he replied quickly and helped me. Great guy who likes to help people!
Ren nagle
Ren Nagle
Staff was great. I called with little knowledge and Jay helped me get everything I was looking for. Even after some technical issues he went above and beyond to make sure my order got placed for me quickly
Lord pariah
Lord Pariah
I know the owner personally, he's a great guy who literally always puts his whole heart in his business. I watch him day in and day out take calls on his personal phone even when he's busy to help people. Ive watched him take his last penny to put into the gas tank to hand deliver products to customers just to see their happy faces when it comes early. When I have the money to build my own pc I will 100% be ordering all my parts from this website. Whether he knows it or not.
Cameron fernandez
Cameron Fernandez
Owner personally helped get everything situated and helped me troubleshoot my issues with the assembly of everything. This website is highly underrated and should be considered for everyone’s computer needs and advice on builds. Going to keep shopping at his store.
Clay hall
clay hall
Owner is willing to help take the time to get you exactly what you are looking for!
Jim miller
Jim Miller
Excellent, personal service. After making an online order for a motherboard that I wasn't sure was in stock, I called this vendor's contact number long after business hours. The owner himself answered and interrupted his personal activities to check on his stock for me. When he found that the item was indeed on backorder, he immediately attempted to locate it from other suppliers, even though I said I might purchase it instead from a different vendor in the meantime. When I did cancel the order the next day, he remained gracious and helpful and gave me points in the company's reward program. A very nice change from most of the big, impersonal vendors.
Kendall kennedy
Kendall Kennedy
Jay was super helpful with my new PC order, throwing in tons of freebies and discounts to sweeten the deal -- definitely recommended for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming rig!