Ultraslim laptops handle school and work tasks, yet have a streamlined profile that travels easily. With a slimmer design and lighter weight, these devices make heading to the office, then going to a meeting and hopping on a plane simple. There are robust gaming laptops that feature larger screens and plenty of processing power, along with Chromebooks that meet the needs of most students. Memory ranges from 4GB to 128GB, they come with processors from Intel® and AMD, and there are models with either solid-state drives (SSD), hard disk drives (HDD) or a combination of the two. 

Ultraslim Laptops are Sleek but Practical

Ultraslim laptops offer sleek designs but are able to do the basics and depending on the specifications, far more. Entry-level laptops generally come with Intel®, AMD Ryzen or AMD A-Series processors and have 1 to 4GB of RAM. These options are adequate for typing up documents, browsing the internet and checking emails. An SSD provides faster speeds than an HDD at this kind of processing power. If you need a faster computer, getting one with 8GB of RAM may be suitable. A standard portable laptop travels with you and handles general office work or personal activities like streaming shows and listening to music. Choose from screens as small as 8.9 inches or as large as 17.3 inches, providing ample viewing space for your specific needs. 8th generation laptops and newer will run faster than older models even at lower processing power in many cases, so bear this in mind when choosing a laptop.

Midrange Laptops are versatile

Mid-range laptops have a little more power and speed than the entry-level machines. These portable laptops run more programs at a time, including those that require more memory to run. They are suitable for many business applications, often feature Intel processors and start at 8GB RAM. Some mobile workstations fall in the midrange category. If you like the option of having a tablet for leisure activities, 2-in-1 laptops combine the functionality of both. They fold into tablets or can have the screen detached from the keyboard to act as a tablet. They are available from entry-level to high-end range options with Intel Core and AMD processors, and up to 64GB of RAM.

Powerful Laptops and Workstations Handle Gaming and Heavy Duty Tasks

Intel® i7 laptops and similar computers come with powerful processors that run very taxing software and are popular among gamers and people who use 3D imaging software because they can handle all that data efficiently. Some gaming laptops have less processing power than this, but still handle most types of games. Gaming devices are powerful computers with screen sizes ranging up to 18 inches. They also include up to 128 GB of RAM and high-quality graphics cards. Highend mobile workstations often have many of the same specifications as gaming computers because of the type of programs that they run.